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Top 10 Emerging Financial Wellness Companies - 2022

The new wave of tech innovations is putting financial wellness at the fingertips of employees. With financial wellness at the core, emerging financial companies are offering the best tech-based strategies to help employees gain more control over their finances.

Digital financial wellness tools are today becoming more personalized, helping employees track and manage spending, pay credit card bills or loans debts, and maintain emergency funds. Companies are using AI and ML technologies to develop personalized road maps for employees to help them realize their financial goals. At the same time, most companies are using data analytics to develop, implement, and administer financial wellness programs for employees and measure their performance and effectiveness. These programs are designed keeping in mind the distinct needs of the employees.

As such, technological progressions are helping companies and HR leaders improve their financial wellness strategies in smarter, unimaginable ways. This edition of Manage HR features companies with expertise in financial wellness. A distinguished selection panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and the Manage HR magazine’s editorial board has compiled a list of financial wellness service companies and emerging financial wellness companies. The enlisted companies leverage innovative technologies to deliver the tools, resources, and services that organizations need to accelerate business growth and improve bottom lines. In order to assist CIOs in identifying the right financial wellness company, Manage HR presents to you “Top 10 Emerging Financial Wellness Companies - 2022.”

    Top Emerging Financial Wellness Companies

  • BC Holdings of TN, LLC (BCH) offers comprehensive, activity-driven financial educational programs to businesses, agencies, nonprofits, and individuals. To deliver this impactful training, BCH utilizes the most advanced E-Learning programs and tools, enabling thousands to gain financial wellness, security, and stability. As a non-fiduciary and business-to-business firm, they work tirelessly to provide holistic financial wellness to employees through the employer. Its Financial Wellness (DFW) program is a ‘crystal ball’ into your personal finances based on your current financial decisionsthat provides unbiased direction and resources to build wealth and creates a customized wealth management plan.

  • Consilium Wealth Advisory

    Consilium Wealth Advisory

    Consilium offers concierge financial planning, personal wealth management, and novel family asset stewardship advice tailored to each client’s specific needs

  • Financial Freedom House

    Financial Freedom House

    Financial Freedom House, an independent financial planning & investment advising business that reflects company ethics and client service philosophy

  • GRP Advisor Alliance

    GRP Advisor Alliance

    The GRP Advisor Alliance is a prestigious network of retirement plan advisers from throughout the country

  • Josh Dellinger Financial Planner

    Josh Dellinger Financial Planner

    Josh Dellinger Financial Planner is committed to optimizing overall financial plans for long-term and hereditary success

  • LGT Financial Advisors

    LGT Financial Advisors

    LGT Financial Advisers’ mission is to encourage complete well-being and peacefulness via reliable investment management & integrated financial planning

  • Money Advice Work

    Money Advice Work

    Money Advice work aims to build personal relationships with workers’ overall income levels and provide financial guidance in a non-sales atmosphere

  • Sqwire


    Sqwire offers financial education as well as customizable financial wellness incentives to workers

  • The Retirement Consulting Group

    The Retirement Consulting Group

    RCG meets with workers to educate them on attitudes, behaviors, and patterns that may be preventing them from making wise financial decisions

  • Workplace Money Coach

    Workplace Money Coach

    Workplace Money Coach offers Financial well-being to the company and demonstrates the POWER OF THEIR PAYCHECK to employees

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